October 08, 2007

Haha I win!!

Okay nothing in this world comes even close to the absolute charm that you are now viewing. We thought we would do family pics before we cut all those curls off. After much deliberating we decided to go with a mo-hawk. So we shaved the sides and use ALOT of mousse to give it that nice sticking straight up look. It goes perfectly with that earning he got last week-end . It was the guys night now, but what can you say boys will be boys!!


Yeah I know....Can you BELIEVE how good looking we are? It amazes even myself. Hardy har...Anywho, aren't you glad we finally did family pics? 'Bout time huh! (hey don't you think it looks like my neck is broken?)

Out for a Jaunt

Here we are in our English Country Manor. The Fence we are sitting on is the very same that Elizabeth Bennett hopped over on her outings each day. It was about 45,000 dollars to relocate it to our estate but hey that is pocket change with Aaron's BIG FAT RAISE!!! Yup, last Friday my sexy man came home with a big smile on his face and a 5,000 dollar (ok 5.00) pay increase. Isn't he amazing!!?? Now we can afford that indoor glow in the dark lazer tag gymnasium we have always wanted!