December 18, 2010

And a 100 years have gone by...

wow time has passed, and we have been really busy. I'm six months pregnant, Aaron just finished a semester in school, Jared is blossoming brilliantly in school, and Mary Jo had developed her mother's sass. This year has been busy and productive and wonderful. I really can't complain. We have been so blessed.

March 28, 2010

Jared Face

Aaron found Jared a new hat!!

Mary Jo is offically a piggy!!!

Mary Jo finally has enough tuffs of hair to make pony tails. Isn't she gorgeous?

February 16, 2010


With Valentines Day come and gone (I was sick as a dog...Again....I know, lame right). I take a minute to look at Aaron. I mean really look at him. Aside from the fact that he is stunningly handsome, he is in a constant state of disarray. He doesn't ever take the time to do his hair, and all his clothes are from the eighties. He shaves maybe once a month and his handsome features spend a lot of time in dark reflection focused inward. He is considered broken by many standards. Unable to provide for his family. His body and mind in constant pain.
This man facing hell itself, takes my breath away. He has given everything for me. And sometimes I feel so unworthy of his love. He maybe sick and hurting but his love is the purest thing in my life. It is entirely untainted even though, we are surrounded by difficulty and doubt. I sit looking at him while he suffers feelings and depression and my heart brakes. It is so constant for him. It is too much. Yet through it all I find him able to still carry me. To give me tenderness and caresses. He does it all. I know of no one that resembles the Savior more in my life than this man. This amazing, strong, and selfless man.
I am so blessed. I don't deserve the love and the life of this man that I have been given.

Time keeps moving...

Work is great! I love my new job. There are things to do all the time. Improvements are limitless, and working hard is such a blessing. I think that people really miss out on that simple principle. Hard work is one of the greatest blessings of my life. How else do we learn to appreciate all we have?

January 19, 2010

Jared and his bestest buddy

Jared and Jayden our absolutely inseparable. They fight like cats and dogs but man, they are buddies!

Lunch time with the kiddos

Here are the kiddos that I watch during the day. We are just about to eat lunch and I got good shots of everyone!

Update On Current Events

Well, howdy howdy howdy. It has been a while so I will take this opportunity to update our current status. Aaron's health has taken a big fat nose dive putting him out of commission until further notice. He is now our hand dandy stay at home dad, and I have resumed working at night. He is doing all he can to figure out his health but the next year or so we get to have him home. It's a little more stress on my part but Aaron has me on a strict regiment to keep my health up, so I'm happy. Hard work is a drug to me. I love filling my plate to overflowing so I'm in my element. As Aaron puts it, I'm built for hard labor.
Aaron is revealing himself to be an excellent cook and house keeper. The laundry was never so wrinkle free. He is the best part of my day to be honest. I love having him home all the time. It's like a permanent vacation. It's hard work but home life is lovely.
Jared is almost five and he starts school this fall. I can not believe it. I thought he would be my little boy forever. He gave his first family night lesson yesterday. I asked him what he wanted to talk about and he decided on food storage. Random, but what ever. He did a great job. He is now in CTR class in primary, so it means I am not allowed to kiss him or walk him to class. He gets mad if I try to plant a smooch on his face.
I still have to wonder at Jared's desperate attachment to Thomas the tank engine. I figured it was a phase but I swear he's turning into a train himself. EVERYTHING is trains.
Mary Jo has started folding her arms when we pray now. It's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. She continues to display wild behavior common in her mother at the same age, but we love her all the more for her independence. She says huh-oh and dee-dees (for daddy) and she gives cute little kisses. She is also aware that a certain thrill comes from doing things she's not supposed to. If you tell her no, she hears, "Do it faster and with a big smile on your face."
I don't think I could manage so well if it wasn't for a great family. That includes extended family. On both sides we hear nothing but love and encouragement. Aren't families the greatest. I totally understand why they are at the center of the gospel plan. We are so lucky for brothers and sisters and parents and grandparents who accept us even though we are bizarrely backwards right now. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!! One day we will return the favors.

December 28, 2009

I'm Sorry I sound sooo ooglie

Christmas Eve Bath time

Candy cane and strawberry bubbles!!

Sorry So Shakey

A Christmas Walk

November 09, 2009

Annual Leaf Pile Day

Every Year we have an official leaf day. Today it was 70 degrees and gorgeous

Zoo Party!!

The extended Members of the family

These are some of the relatives that nobody likes to talk about.

Zoo Shinaniggins

One Wild Day at the Zoo

We woke up Saturday and decided hey, lets go to the Zoo. It was one of those days that you wish would never end. We surprised Jared and boy, was it a heavenly day. Yummy sandwiches, ice cream cones, and my beautiful family. I wish that all days could be like this. My kids were adorable, the sun was shiny, and my hubby was happy. Ahhh *sigh*