November 18, 2007

November 14, 2007


TAH DUH!!! Our very own little gingerbread house. Charming isn't it. How about a tour shall we?
Here is our precious little porch. I love the brick and we are so excited. Isn't it gorgeous. Judy, the previous owner did alot of work to it. She also added alot of love so it is perfect for us.

Here is the garage. It has a door opener. We feel sooooo wealthy. We have never had a garage.

Like an idiot I forgot to get a picture of the living room as you come into the house, but here is the dining room. The whole upstairs has the newly refinished hardwood flooring and the Chandeliers come with the house. What's even better is that the electrical system has been completely redone. Thank heavens because it was built in 1936. Don't you love the windows. the drapes and such come with the house!

Here is the upstairs bathroom. It has kinda funky tile but we like it. You can't see it but the bathtub was redone with black striped marble. We feel sooo ritzy!!
This is the first bedroom but Aaron and I are going to be using this as the office. The first thing we are going to get is a lock to put on the door so that the computer will never again have crayons drawings on it.

This is the first part of the kitchen. If you notice the doorway on the left, it kinda splits the kitchen in two. I think the light above the sink is spiffy! Also the flooring is brand new. It is called cork boarding and it is a new thing. (Aaron has it at his work) It is basically indestructible and made by recycled material so Aaron really loves it.
This is the second half of the kitchen. The stove is brand new and also the mini fridge for produce. Cute huh. I love the light. There are sooo many windows. It's heavenly!
These are the stairs that lead to the back door, (which is brand new with a new storm door also) and then down to the basement. (Which has brand new carpet) Lets take a trip outside before we go downstairs shall we?

This is the back yard. The fence is brand new and there is an apple tree and a walnut tree. It's perfect for the kiddos to stretch their legs. (And by kiddos I do not mean that I"m pregnant! I mena the kids that I babysit!) But the best is yet to come.

Do you see this land. All this beautiful land? (well, it's not that much but it's a lot to me) It's OURS!! Yup all of it. We have great plans for it which consist of a green house, and a chicken coop, and a garden and a fire pit for family gatherings!!

Here is the first basement bedroom which will be occupied by my chubby little boo! We already have the white paint (thanks to our wonderful mommy cook) so that Jared won't have to live in a pink room. I love that the windows are level even though this is the basement.

They used this as a living room but we are using this room as our master bedroom. OOooo so romantic to have a fireplace.

Here is the downstairs bathroom. the next picture is a closet (5x5) that she made into a room but we are putting rods in and will use it as a closet for our masterbedroom.

These are some storage space in the basement. The top door is the laundry chute that comes from upstairs. Charming huh! I never though I'd have a laundry chute. The pic below is of the open space downstairs. The open door leads to the last room in the basement; the nursery but I forgot to get pics. Sorry! We also get the drapes downstairs also!

These are the doorknobs. They are on all the doors and they are the originals from 1936. I LOVE THAT!! Well, this is our house. We move in about 3 weeks and I am tickled pink. Life is absolutely delicious. Feel free to call and chat about it. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

October 08, 2007

Haha I win!!

Okay nothing in this world comes even close to the absolute charm that you are now viewing. We thought we would do family pics before we cut all those curls off. After much deliberating we decided to go with a mo-hawk. So we shaved the sides and use ALOT of mousse to give it that nice sticking straight up look. It goes perfectly with that earning he got last week-end . It was the guys night now, but what can you say boys will be boys!!


Yeah I know....Can you BELIEVE how good looking we are? It amazes even myself. Hardy har...Anywho, aren't you glad we finally did family pics? 'Bout time huh! (hey don't you think it looks like my neck is broken?)

Out for a Jaunt

Here we are in our English Country Manor. The Fence we are sitting on is the very same that Elizabeth Bennett hopped over on her outings each day. It was about 45,000 dollars to relocate it to our estate but hey that is pocket change with Aaron's BIG FAT RAISE!!! Yup, last Friday my sexy man came home with a big smile on his face and a 5,000 dollar (ok 5.00) pay increase. Isn't he amazing!!?? Now we can afford that indoor glow in the dark lazer tag gymnasium we have always wanted!

May 09, 2007

Just another day

I thought maybe we would ACTUALLY update you on our busy little lives. Jared will be turning two in about three weeks. He says NO really well, and the terrible twos have already hit. But I wouldn't trade him in because even when he tried to bite me he is the cutest little boy in the world!!! Hardy har har.

May 07, 2007

Cover your eyes!! It's a NUDEY!!

So here is Jared the way God intended. Nude from head to toe. What you can't see is that at this moment I have overlooked an absolute threat of danger. On his back is a giant blood sucking tick; gorging on the red cells of my favorite child. Luckily Cade came to the rescue by whipping out a lightsaber and sawing the beasty off.

Little Cook Running A'muck

You can't tell but Jared's little fist is in the process of swinging into and shattering the three feet thick glass, freeing the poor enslaved Seals. He succeeded in guiding four seals to the ocean before authorties could properly get him into custody. Luckily since his parents are billionaires, Jared's jail time was minimal.

Fishing in the Sea

Here you see us partying our undoor pool. It was designed to replicate the Mediterranean Sea with all it's beauty and splendor. We included the live sting rays as an added feature because it only cost us an extra forty thousand...cuz I mean come's pocket change!

Under the Sea

This is Jared hanging with his buddy bud Cade, in the basement of our four story mansion. Our basement is currently home to the world's most exotic aqua life, and as you can see, it leaves you stunned. I know what you are thinking...yeah our house is that big! :)