November 09, 2009

Annual Leaf Pile Day

Every Year we have an official leaf day. Today it was 70 degrees and gorgeous

Zoo Party!!

The extended Members of the family

These are some of the relatives that nobody likes to talk about.

Zoo Shinaniggins

One Wild Day at the Zoo

We woke up Saturday and decided hey, lets go to the Zoo. It was one of those days that you wish would never end. We surprised Jared and boy, was it a heavenly day. Yummy sandwiches, ice cream cones, and my beautiful family. I wish that all days could be like this. My kids were adorable, the sun was shiny, and my hubby was happy. Ahhh *sigh*

November 08, 2009

Quote of the Day- By Jared

"Mom I want to watch the movie with the song, "Rocking the Sun Burps"!!"
(Rocking the Suburbs, Over the hedge)

November 02, 2009


Here we are at the Halloween Party to have our kids scout candy for us! Mary Jo was a little taken back at the crowd but she warmed up near the end. So fun and Mary Jo and Jared were the toast of the party, dressed up as the Bernstein Bears. (Brother and Sister Bear)

Halloween PopCorn Balls

We made jack o lantern popcorn balls in honor of Halloween.

Aren't they cute. Aunt Mary Jo and I colaborated to invent them.
Jared face

Jackson spent the time crawling around on the floor eating spare carmel corn


Ward Activity

We went with some friends in the ward to a fun picnic in logan.  it was lovely and the kids had a ball.

Mary Jo's hair is really starting to grow.

Check out those great chubby legs!

Little Mountain climber.

He's alot like his father in that sense.  Aaron is always hiding from the camera too.

Can you believe how big he is now.  He is his own person.

Can you believe how great those legs are.  She is a looker.

Jared jamming on the trampoline!


Mary Jo's Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to my FAVORITE PUDGE!

Grandma brought Mary Jo some bath tub toys

And a new hair bow!

Great Grandma Newby gave Mary Jo a couple books, and she wouldn't put them down.  She is crazy about books. 

Za-zing!!!! Isn't he gooood lookin'!!

It's extrordinary, but Mary Jo LOVES books. She looks through them all day.

My heart brakes to see my darling so big and grown up.  How time runs.  No matter what I do, I turn around and my babies sprout. 


April came into town a couple weeks ago and we had a lovely time getting together.  All married, all happy, and all hilarious!

Man, I'm short compared to everyone.  How ridiculous.

I got no sleep that night but ahhh it was so fun to get together with my bestest friends.