May 09, 2007

Just another day

I thought maybe we would ACTUALLY update you on our busy little lives. Jared will be turning two in about three weeks. He says NO really well, and the terrible twos have already hit. But I wouldn't trade him in because even when he tried to bite me he is the cutest little boy in the world!!! Hardy har har.

May 07, 2007

Cover your eyes!! It's a NUDEY!!

So here is Jared the way God intended. Nude from head to toe. What you can't see is that at this moment I have overlooked an absolute threat of danger. On his back is a giant blood sucking tick; gorging on the red cells of my favorite child. Luckily Cade came to the rescue by whipping out a lightsaber and sawing the beasty off.

Little Cook Running A'muck

You can't tell but Jared's little fist is in the process of swinging into and shattering the three feet thick glass, freeing the poor enslaved Seals. He succeeded in guiding four seals to the ocean before authorties could properly get him into custody. Luckily since his parents are billionaires, Jared's jail time was minimal.

Fishing in the Sea

Here you see us partying our undoor pool. It was designed to replicate the Mediterranean Sea with all it's beauty and splendor. We included the live sting rays as an added feature because it only cost us an extra forty thousand...cuz I mean come's pocket change!

Under the Sea

This is Jared hanging with his buddy bud Cade, in the basement of our four story mansion. Our basement is currently home to the world's most exotic aqua life, and as you can see, it leaves you stunned. I know what you are thinking...yeah our house is that big! :)