February 18, 2008


SOOOOOooooo Sorry but we have been dreadful busy with life.
I guess it's important for me to let my fam and friends know that I"m having a baby! Yipeeeee!!! We are shooting for pink. Okay, let me rephrase that! We are COMPLETELY FOCUSED on pink! As far as I'm concerned it is the only option. If it's a blue I will tell them to put it back and let it cook longer. YEAHHHHh babies babies babies. Totally thrilled. Yup life is dandy
Um, Aaron's kind of excited.....

Hahaha just kidding. Aaron is excited too. But wouldn't ya know it, it was a total surprise. We weren't planning on trying again till the fall. I blame this one on James. If I hadn't gone to Disneyland then Aaron wouldn't have missed me so much!