August 03, 2008

Happy late birthday!!

So Jared is 3....a couple months ago, but we finally got the pics on to our computer. So here we are. As you can see all of Jared's gorgoeus locks are cut short to reveal a great round head inherited from his mum. Jared cut his own hair and we had to shave his head. SOMETHING I WILL NEVER DO AGAIN!!
Anywho, Jared is all about the trains right now. Train everything. So for his birthday we did a train theme. I even got creative and made blue train pancakes for breakfast but I wil spare your stomachs and not show you a pic. blah.
After breakfast we had a wild party at the union station where jared got to look at a bunch of trains up close and personal!
It was slightly exhaustiung so we all went home and took a nap!! That is when the real party started.
Oh for those who don't know, Jared broke his collarbone two weeks before his birthday. Happy birthday Jare-bear.
He was "supposed" to be taking a nap at grandmas house, but was jumping on the bed instead. Well, you know how cordinated 3 year olds are. All of the sudden we hear this hard thud!!! and a very high pitched scream. We go running back there and jared was laying on the floor still as a board crying.
Now, if you have met my father you understand that he has the biggest heart in the world. You also know that sometimes, he gets a little overexcited. Well seeing his grandson on the floor jump kicked his big heart which, by coincidence, is connected to his take-it-to-another-level button. That pulls down the save-my-grandson-at-any-cost lever, which in turn opens the floodgate we like to call dad-really-red-in-the-face-yelling-for-an-ambulance.
He stood over Jared yelling orders for immediate action whilst the rest of us stood there like cows with our mouths full of straw. Needless to say this threw Jared into histericks and he started sobbing even harder. but let's be fair Grandpa knew what he was talking baout.
We got Jared to the hospital and amid screams of terror and absolute exhaustion we were able to get some x-rays. Sure enought it was broken. Jared is all better now but we had a loing couple weeks!!!