March 20, 2009

Nate and Mary's Wedding

Hanging out with the family was the best part about this wedding. We got to sit and chat with Aaron's brothers and sisters and just relax!

Nate and MAry's Wedding

We had a fun time dancing at Aaron's brother's wedding. It's nice to know that Aaron still had fun dancing with me even though my belly was ginormous at seven months prego!

So much alike

I love this picture because they look so similar. They have the same expression and the same eyes and coloring. It's charming

Busy Boys

Jared and Ayden had a blast at the wedding too. They ran around like little chickens dancing and eating candy to their hearts content!

Mary and Nate's Wedding!

This was sooo much fun. And the wedding and company was awesome. This is last year but we just go t the pics. Here is Aaron and His Mummy and Ashley at the wedding. as you can see Ashley is very expressive and mom really knows how to grove!