February 16, 2010


With Valentines Day come and gone (I was sick as a dog...Again....I know, lame right). I take a minute to look at Aaron. I mean really look at him. Aside from the fact that he is stunningly handsome, he is in a constant state of disarray. He doesn't ever take the time to do his hair, and all his clothes are from the eighties. He shaves maybe once a month and his handsome features spend a lot of time in dark reflection focused inward. He is considered broken by many standards. Unable to provide for his family. His body and mind in constant pain.
This man facing hell itself, takes my breath away. He has given everything for me. And sometimes I feel so unworthy of his love. He maybe sick and hurting but his love is the purest thing in my life. It is entirely untainted even though, we are surrounded by difficulty and doubt. I sit looking at him while he suffers feelings and depression and my heart brakes. It is so constant for him. It is too much. Yet through it all I find him able to still carry me. To give me tenderness and caresses. He does it all. I know of no one that resembles the Savior more in my life than this man. This amazing, strong, and selfless man.
I am so blessed. I don't deserve the love and the life of this man that I have been given.

Time keeps moving...

Work is great! I love my new job. There are things to do all the time. Improvements are limitless, and working hard is such a blessing. I think that people really miss out on that simple principle. Hard work is one of the greatest blessings of my life. How else do we learn to appreciate all we have?