April 17, 2008

In repsonse to Amy!!

So Amy, you sexy woman, put up a song about Nebraska and asked that we do the same about our hometown States...
Here Goes nothing!
My Song comes from the "This is the Night" from Lady and the Tramp

Oh this is the Place
Lots of dust in my Face
From the dry wind of desert mountains

You can ski in the snow
but we are way too Poo"w"
So we stick to rock climbing mountains

Side by side through construction
Our car can barely squeeze
The view is always very pretty
With a temple in EVERY city!


This is the Place
Beating traffic is a race
Cuz our home is beneath the mountains

Our lawns are all brown
Since all water left town
Gotta love the drought from the mountains

Oh our LOVELY.....Desert....Mou..ow..ow.ntains...!!!!

Every once in a while....

Every once in a while I come across a book that is really astonishing. This is one of those books. I just finished reading it and find myself looking at reading it again. It is a big strawberry milkshake for the soul. I adored it. It talks about a nurses journey to through a really revolutionary time period in the medical field. It is a treasure trove of delicious baby birthing stories that will make you laugh, think, sigh and sob. Oh it is sooo yummy. I recommend this book to EVERYONE!
Also since I plan on birthing my baby at home I wanted my family to see just why I chose to completely push out the hospital as a part of my pregnancy and delivery. So if you are one of the members of my family scratching your head at my decision here is an opportunity for you to kinda get an idea of why I choose a natural birth. It's REALLLY GOOOOD even if you are a major advocate of a delivery with complete medical procedure.
I hope that you guys will read this.